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"I moved here completely terrified and scared of leaving home and kept wondering if at my young age I was ready for an adventure of that magnitude. Even with all of these thoughts there were still hints of excitement. I was already placed in the homestay program and the thought of living in another family not mine...... I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I got here open minded, excited, and a bit scared but ready. The family I was placed with was and still is great, plus I still live with them. The school environment is awesome and the teachers are amongst the best I have had and the cold never bothered me although it gets super cold up here. I have met considerably the kindest and open minded people since I moved here. The International Student Program is amazing and was extremely helpful and the coordinator Sharron Graham I like to consider as my guardian even sometimes an adopted mother. I attend college here and I am totally loving it plus I am grateful for the opportunities I have been offered here and the good changes to my personality I have observed. I look forward to more opportunities to come and consider Grande Prairie my second home and definitely do not regret my moving here even for a second.​"​ - Precious Dim - China - November 2015

"Getting to come to Canada was an experience that I won't forget because here I learned many things. I learned that the low, very low temperature is perfect for doing many things like skiing, snowshoeing, and also, the greatest thing that you can do, is playing with the snow and making snow ball fights. Also, I learned that the friends that you make here, are for your whole life. The snow is something magic... Something that you can’t explain, every moment outdoors with the snow you enjoy it a lot, because it's something you know that probably for a long time, you won't see again. Coming to Canada its… Awesome. It's like a dream that you don't want to wake up from. Canada is a country, where whatever you do, you are going to have fun." - Valentina Forigua - Columbia - December 2014

"My experience in Grande Prairie, Canada, was AWESOME! I love the winter weather here, it's cold but it's fine and there is snow everywhere! If you haven't seen snow before it's a very exciting experience. We could do a lot of activities with my group from Columbia. My favourite activities were skiing and ice-skating. With my host-family I went sledding and swing dancing. It was so fun! I remember one night we went to have burgers in "Burger Heaven", the BEST burgers ever! In my school here, I could make lots of Canadian friends. I really enjoyed this time here in Canada, actually I am writing this letter a couple of days before leaving and I don't want to go home yet. If you decide to come here I'm sure you will have a good time and it will be a good experience!" - Irene Pardo Echeverri - Columbia - December​ 2014

family visit to columbia

Columbia Student Made Lifelong Friends With Her Host Family