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Getting Involved

Your school council is a way that you can be involved and advocate for your children’s education. The School Council serves as another vital link in the connection of students, schools, families and the community. Being able to hear, discuss and clarify what is happening within the school provides parents another way to nurture and support the education being offered at the school.

School Council Resources

A School Society is a group of parents that raise funds to enhance our children's education. The role of a school council is mostly one of an advisory capacity. 

When a school council decides to independently organize an activity, such as a ski program or fundraiser, they cannot organize it in the name of the "school council" but as a parent group "PG" or a society (An entity incorporated under the Societies Act). Any liabilities that may arise from such activity will be the responsibility of the parent group or society. The School Board's insurance will not respond to any claims under those circumstances. It is thus essential that PGs/Societies obtain their own insurance to protect themselves from potential claims or lawsuits. 

Fundraising Associations: Alberta School Councils' Association

School Society Documents

Please lend a hand to your child's school! There are many different ways you can help out. For more information, contact your child's school.

Formal information on volunteering can be found at the links below.

Administrative Procedure 490 - Volunteers

Administrative Procedure 491 - Volunteer Coaches and Supervisors

Input from parents and the community assists the Board in making decisions that ensure students are provided with the best possible education.
Involvement at the Division level can include:

  • attending public Board meetings
  • filling in public opinion polls and surveys
  • contacting trustees with ideas and concerns
  • understanding board policies and reading board minutes
  • keeping up to the date on local issues such as elections, government policies and teacher bargaining

Grande Prairie Public School Division students in grades 5-11 can apply to become a member of our Student Advisory Committee!


The development of a Student Advisory Committee will provide the Board an opportunity to engage with students of the Division for the purpose of sharing information, seeking feedback from students and to support the development of students' personal leadership skills and strengths.


  1. The Student Advisory Committee will consist of:
    • 1 to 3 students selected from each school, in Grades 5 through 11.
    • Two Board members
    • The Superintendent or designate
    • Two School Administrators
    • Guests may be invited from time to time to cover topics of interest
  2. Interested students must want to make a difference for their peers by participating on the Committee. Students will volunteer by submitting an on-line application.
  3. A student will fill a 2-year term on the Committee. Individual vacancies will be filled as they arise.


  1. Meetings will be held in person, 3 or 4 times per year. Whenever possible, meetings will be scheduled to avoid students needing to miss class to participate.
  2. The Student Advisory Committee will be co-chaired, by 2 students, selected at the first meeting of the Committee each year.

Trustee Member Responsibilities

  1. Attend all meetings and collaborate with Administration and the student co-Chairs in the development of the agenda for each meeting.
  2. Participate fully and engage with students at each meeting.
  3. Report back to the Board of Trustees summarizing the minutes of each meeting.

Student Member Responsibilities

  1. Attend all meetings and participate fully and engage with the members of the Committee at each meeting.
  2. Report back to the School Principal summarizing the minutes of each meeting.
  3. As requested by the School Principal, student members will report to other students, to the School Council, and to others as needed on the work of the Committee.

School and System Leader Responsibilities

  1. Collaborate with the Trustee Members and student Co-Chairs in the development of the agenda for each meeting.
  2. Plan for and facilitate the running of each scheduled meeting, including the setting of the agenda and the provision of minutes summarizing each meeting.

How to Apply

Contact your school principal for more information on applying.


Contact your current school's principal or vice principal.

By communicating with your child's teacher and school you will be able to take advantage of knowing what is going on in the classroom, in the school and within the Division. Communication can come in many forms:

Teacher Newsletters and emails
School Newsletters
School and Division social media posts
School Council minutes
Board Of Trustee Highlights
Requests for feedback and survey submissions

By being plugged into these you will be able to better support your child's education and support your school when asked to provide feedback in their planning.