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Frequently Asked Questions

Late or Cancelled Buses

Safety of students is our first concern. GPPSD's contractor, First Student Canada, works with us to make every effort to get students to/from school safely in all weather situations. 

Buses will run until the temperature are equal to or lower than -40  degrees Celsius without the wind-chill, or -48 degrees Celsius with the wind-chill. Temperatures, road conditions and traffic alerts are assessed at 6:00 am. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately (i.e.. hats, gloves, snow pants, winter jacket, winter boots). Learn more by reading GPPSD's Administrative Procedure: AP-132 Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies

The best way to find out where your child's bus is, or if it is cancelled, is to download the free FirstView App. This free app is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers. On a mobile device, you can set up push notifications.

These are the other ways GPPSD informs families and students of bus cancellations:

  • GPPSD posts cancellation alert boxes on the website and school websites
  • Cancellations may be shared on local radio stations and/or on Facebook or Twitter.

Busing Eligibility

To be eligible for a bus pass a student must live within the Grande Prairie city limits and meet the eligibility criteria. Exceptions include students registered in Programs of Choice and Schools of Choice. The exception does not include students approved for boundary exemptions. 

If your child does not meet that criteria, there could be the opportunity to become a Paid Rider. Please contact GPPSD Transportation Department (780) 539-7419 and ask about Paid Rider status for your child.

No, GPPSD does not offer busing outside the City of Grande Prairie city limits. Transportation may be accessed from an existing bus stop within the city limits for a fee if there is room on the bus. Please contact GPPSD Transportation Department (780) 539-7419.

Busing is only available if the school you are attending is the boundary school and your child qualifies for busing.

Busing Fees

For the 2023/2024 school year, full day bussing is $32/month per student. Half day bussing (Kindergarten and Montessori preschool) is $58/month per student.

Busing fees are to be paid for the entire school year in full through PowerSchool prior to the student receiving their bus pass.

Pre-Authorized is available. The first month's payment is paid when submitting the preauthorized debit form to the Transportation Department. If you are starting pre-authorized debit after the 15th of the month you will be required to pay two month's payment upfront. Payments will be withdrawn from your account on the first of every month. You will not be able to ride the bus until the first month's fee AND the filled out preauthorized debit form are received by the Transportation Department

If your child is not riding the bus, please get their bus pass in to the GPPSD Transportation Department as soon as possible. Parents are responsible for payment of the bus pass until the bus pass is handed back into the Transportation Department. We require two weeks' notice when cancelling a pre-authorized debit.

Bus Passes

A bus pass application must be completed to receive a bus pass. Applications can be filled out through your PowerSchool Parent Portal and clicking on SchoolEngage. Once the application has been approved, bus passes can be picked up at school offices.

The processing of the bus pass application may take up to 10+ working days except at the beginning of the school year; if you have applied after the June 30 deadline your pass will be processed in the order it is received, with no guarantee of processing times. The parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of the student until they receive their bus pass from the school.  *No temporary passes will be issued, and you will not be able to ride the bus until you receive your bus pass*

If a bus pass is lost or damaged in any way a replacement bus pass application can be filled out through your PowerSchool Parent Portal and clicking on SchoolEngage. The link for the Parent Portal can also be found on the Busing page. This form is called "Replacement Bus Pass Application".

Riding The Bus

Bus passes are required to ride the school bus, even on the first day of school. The parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of the student until they receive their bus pass from the school.

The bus driver cannot bring your child back to the stop. Please contact First Student (busing provider), to meet the bus at a stop on the route. You must be at that stop waiting before the bus arrives as the driver cannot wait.

The First Student's phone number is (780) 532-3545. Alternatively, you can call our Transportation Department at (780) 539-7419.

If the parent/caregiver is unable to meet the bus at a pre-determined stop, the bus driver will direct your child to stay on the school bus so they can be taken to the First Student office at 11456 97 Avenue, Grande Prairie where your child will need to be picked up as soon as possible.

Montessori Preschool students and all Kindergarten students are seated as close to the front of the bus as possible.

Students must be met at the bus stop by a responsible caregiver who must be there so the student and bus driver can see them.

If no responsible caregiver is present at the bus stop, the student will remain on the bus, and all measures will be taken to contact the parents/caregivers. If they are not reachable by the time the driver finishes their route, the student will be brought to the First Student's office, located at 11456 97 Avenue, Grande Prairie. The office phone number is (780) 532-3545. 

If you are concerned about support for your child at drop off and pick up at their school, please contact the school directly.

No. Preschool/Kindergarten students need to be met at the bus stop and walk home with a responsible caregiver. The only exception is when a parent/guardian provides written permission to the Transportation Department and First Student telling them they will walk home with an older sibling.

No. Every student riding the bus must be a registered bus rider; have a bus pass; and be assigned a seat on the bus to ride the bus. Each student must be riding their assigned bus and sitting in their assigned seat.

All students will be assigned a seat on their respective bus. This is their seat for the school year. Every attempt is made to seat siblings together: this may not always be possible depending on how full the bus is. Students may end up sitting with non-family members and three students per seat.

You do not need to tell anyone if your child is riding a regular route (the bus will still stop at all designated stops regardless if your child is on or not).

If your child is on a Special Needs route or is a 1/2-day Kindergarten/Montessori Preschool student, they are on a special route, and you will need to contact First Student at (780) 532-3545.

The Grande Prairie Public School Division is committed to ensuring every student succeeds in a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe environment. First Student Canada, offers reliable and secure transportation that upholds these values. For information on student conduct and bus safety, please refer to the Administrative Procedure: AP 350.2 - Student Conduct on School Buses.pdf


GPPSD's transportation services are contracted by First Student Canada. Please call their main office at: (780) 532-3545.

If you have any questions or concerns with the busing, please contact the Grande Prairie Public School Division Transportation Department at (780) 539-7419.