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The Grande Prairie Public School Division (GPPSD) offers Program Unit Funded (PUF) Pre-Kindergarten programs for children diagnosed with moderate to severe language delay and/or disability by a qualified professional (pediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, speak-language pathologist) and meets the Alberta Education Special Education Coding Criteria. 

Program spaces may be available to children who have been diagnosed with a mild language delay and/or disability and meets the Alberta Education Special Education Coding Criteria.

Child's age for PUF programming within GPPSD 

Based on Alberta Education Coding criteria, children: 

  • With moderate to severe delays and/or disabilities need to be between the ages of 3 to 4 years of age as of  December 31st of the current calendar year the child is being registered. 
  • With a mild delay and/or disability may qualify if they are 4 years of age of December 31st of the calendar year in which the child is being registered.

Program details

Programs follow the Grande Prairie Public School Division year calendar and operate daily for a morning or afternoon class at Crystal Park School or Swanavon School.

GPPSD's PUF Pre-Kindergarten Programs are child-centred, play-based and developmentally appropriate, providing a language-rich learning environment where children can participate, progress and achieve. 

Children receive direct teaching from a certified teacher for some activities and may receive direct therapy from an educational assistant supervised by a speech-language pathologist. Teachers work collaboratively with a Multi-Disciplinary Team and GPPSD Early Learning staff to design and deliver individual and group programming focus on:

  • language development
  • communication strategies
  • early literacy and numeracy skills
  • physical activities
  • social skills
  • self-regulation strategies
PUF Pre-Kindergarten Programs may be available to children for one or two years of programming, depending on the child's needs and eligibility.

As part of the PUF Pre-Kindergarten program, we offer opportunities for Play Partner students. These children are of the same age and are developing strong skills in language, self-help and social interactions. They act as valuable play, language, and behaviour role models for students in the PUF Pre-Kindergarten Program. For more information, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does my child qualify for a PUF Pre-Kindergarten Program?

To qualify, a child must be assessed and diagnosed with moderate to severe language delays and/or disability by a qualified professional (pediatrician, psychiatrist, psychologist, speech-language pathologist) and meet the Alberta Education Special Education Coding criteria. 

Children assessed and diagnosed with a mild delay by a qualified professional may also qualify for placement, depending on capacity and based on Alberta Education Coding criteria. 

If your child has a report dated after March 1st of the current year from a qualified professional, please contact the Grande Prairie Public School Division office or the PUF Program Lead at 780-539-4865.

How do I register my child for Pre-Kindergarten?
Once your child is assessed and diagnosed, you can share that report with the Grande Prairie Public School Division's (GPPSD) Program Unit Funded (PUF) Lead.

Children who qualify for PUF are accepted as a Program Unit Funded (PUF) Student or as a Base-Funded Student (Mild Diagnosis).  

To complete your child's registration, you will need to complete their online registration. To do this, you will receive an email from GPPSD with details including a link to School Engage and instructions on registering your child.

Please contact the Administrative Assistant of your child's assigned school for registration support.

How old does my child need to be to start a PUF Pre-Kindergarten Program?
Children diagnosed with a moderate/severe delay/disability may qualify if they are more than 2 years 8 months of age and less than 4 years 8 months on August 31 of the calendar year they are attending, as per Alberta Education criteria.

Children diagnosed with a mild delay/disability may qualify if they are more than 3 years 8 months and less than 4 years 8 months of age on August 31 of the calendar year they are attending, as per Alberta Education criteria.

Which days do Pre-Kindergarten children attend school?
Children who have qualified based on Alberta Education criteria attend Monday through Friday for either a morning or afternoon program.

Which schools offer PUF Pre-Kindergarten programs for children?
GPPSD's Crystal Park School and Swanavon School offer Pre-Kindergarten programs for families who live in the City of Grande Prairie.

Does my child need to toilet independently?
Children diagnosed with severe delays/disabilities do not need to be toilet trained for the program, and support staff will aid with changes as required.  Parents are required to communicate with the classroom staff about where their child is in the toileting process and to provide diapers, wipes and a change of clothes if needed. 

Children diagnosed with mild/moderate delays must be toilet trained.

Is busing offered for children who attend PUF Pre-Kindergarten?
no. Busing is not offered for Pre-Kindergarten programs. Families must pick up and drop off their child at the school's start and end times.

Does Grande Prairie Public School Division (GPPSD) offer Preschool Programs for children who do not have unique learning needs?
Yes. GPPSD offers two fee-based Preschool programs, French Immersion Preschool at Γ‰cole Montrose and Montessori Preschool at Parkside Montessori. Information can be found on school websites.

What are the Fees for Pre-Kindergarten?
There is no fee for children who qualify based on the Alberta Education Program Unit Fund (PUF) criteria and Alberta Education criteria. 

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