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Registered Apprenticeship, Off Campus and Dual Credit Programs

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The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

GPPSD's RAP Program is offered in accordance with Alberta Education programming. It is offered at each of our high schools which provide students with first-period technical training in various trades, including Carpentry, Welding, Automotive, Culinary Arts, and Cosmetology.

This program allows high school students to: 

  • Earn up to a maximum of 40 credits towards your Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement (for every 125 hours of apprenticeship, students receive five high school credits)
  • Work as an apprentice, building hours towards a Journeyman's Certificate, up to a maximum of 1000 hours 
  • Divide your time between an approved work site and your high school - giving you the benefit of a high school experience while gaining employable skills applicable to any career
  • Gain first-hand experience and understanding of your chosen trade, while getting paid

For more information, contact Student Services at your high school.

How to Apply

New GPPSD Students indicate their interest on their online registration form.

New Student Registration

Current GPPSD Students need to contact Student Services at their school before the end of the current school year to start the program the following year. 

Bridge Network Outreach School
Main Office: 780-539-0950

Charles Spencer High School
Main Office: 780-513-3200

Grande Prairie Composite High School
Main Office: 780-532-7721

Safety and Supervision

Students are required to complete Alberta Education safety courses before participating in Apprenticeship or RAP programs.

Alberta Education

According to Alberta Education, once a student completes their high school RAP apprenticeship, they are automatically registered as a regular apprentice. The on-the-job hours they earned while in RAP are applied to their Apprenticeship Program.

 Alberta Education Apprenticeship Program.

Alberta Education RAP Program

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Off-Campus Education

The Off-Campus Education Program of Choice follows Alberta Education's curriculum and allows Grande Prairie Public School Division high school students to earn high school credits while exploring and expanding their career interest, skills and knowledge related to work and other life roles.

Program Information

The program involves an agreement between the high school school and community partners. The following programs are supported: work study, work experience, registered apprenticeship, youth internship, Green Certificate, and Dual Credit.

What Students can Expect

Students need to complete an online Work Safety Course and set up a Work Experience Learning Plan with their work/program supervisor prior to enrollment into the program. Students will be responsible for weekly activity logs to remain active in the program.

Enrollment in Program

To enroll in the program, GPPSD students contact their school's Student Services and arrange to talk with the Off-Campus Coordinator. 

Bridge Network Outreach School
Main Office: 780-539-0950

Charles Spencer High School
Main Office: 780-513-3200

Grande Prairie Composite High School
Main Office: 780-532-7721

Safety and Supervision

Off-Campus Coordinators complete work site inspections before student placements. Ongoing monitoring of student-employer relations and student behaviour occurs throughout the placement.


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Dual Credit Opportunities

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Alberta Education Dual Credit

Dual Credit programming allows Grade 11 or 12 students to earn both high school credits and credits that count towards a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, and or a journeyman certificate. 

Dual Credit helps students to:

  • get a start on their post-secondary education while still in high school.
  • complete high school while engaging in meaningful curriculum.
  • transition to post-secondary studies or move into the world of work.
  • potentially complete post-secondary with less financial debt.

For more information, visit Alberta Education Dual Credit Website: https://education.alberta.ca/dual-credit/alberta-dual-credit/

Is Dual Credit Programming Right for me?

Students and parents need to consider if Dual Credit programming is the right fit. Post-secondary courses have increased expectation and timelines that students will need to manage alongside their regular high school programming. 

Many of the courses incorporate on-line programming.  Students will be responsible for attending virtual or on-site sessions and meeting post-secondary timelines and expectations. 

In addition, the completion of post-secondary course/programs through Dual Credit has the possibility of affecting first year post-secondary awards, bursaries, scholarships, athletic standing, and experiencing limited transferability of some post-secondary programs. 

Students should always consult with their high school career counselor, or the post-secondary institution, as they make decisions about their high school and post-secondary programming.

See GPPSD Administrative Procedure 366 - Dual Credit for more information.

Program Costs

Grande Prairie Public School Division supports students, in partnership with post-secondary institutions, in the enrolment and completion of their post-secondary courses. 

  • Tuition: The school division covers the student tuition portion of the post-secondary program. 
  • Fees: Students are responsible for post-secondary learning resource fees (LRF*) and a $300 GPPSD Caution Fee. See Administrative Procedure 367 - Dual Credit Caution Fees
  • Each Institution will have a Technology fee and may have an application fee payable directly to the Institution.
  • Reimbursement of Caution Fee: Upon successful completion of the course / program, the $300 GPPSD Caution Fee is reimbursed.

*LRF fees subject to change based on post-secondary rates.


Course Schedules and availability at: Dual Credit Program | Northwestern Polytechnic (nwpolytech.ca)

The Grande Prairie Public School Division is working with the Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) to provide dual credit opportunities for students in a variety of areas.  

  • NWP offers individual courses. 
  • Application forms are available at NWP and from your high school career counsellor.
  • NWP charges a one-time non-refundable application fee and a technology fee payable to NWP.
  • $300 Caution Fee, payable to your GPPSD High School.
  • Students attend courses on-site at NWP (some courses may be offered online, please inquire with NWP directly).

GPPSD supports the following courses:

Course Dual Credit Course Code and CEUs Pre/Co Requisites
PY1040:  Basic Psychological Processes ​PSI3033 = 5CEUs ​Eng 30-1 in progress/complete
PY1050:  Social and Individual Behavior ​PSI3034 = 5CEUs ​PY1040
OA2511:  Medical Terminology (online only) ​PSI3013 = 5CEUs Eng 20-1 or 20-2
NT1000:  Research & Writing in the Context of Indigenous & Settler Relations ​PSI3031 = 5CEUs ​Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete
NT1521:  Introduction to Cree 1 ​PSI3032 = 5CEUs ​Eng 30-1 or 30-2 in progress/complete
Foundations in Workplace Safety 
Available until 2020
​LDC3123  = 5CEUs ​HCS3000 and HCS 3010
Minimum age: 16
​BA1110:  Introductory Financial Accounting ​PSI3071 = 5CEUs ​Math 20-1 or 20-2 (>60%) English 30-1/30-2 in progress/ complete
​BA1090:  Introduction to Marketing ​PSI3164 = 5CEUs ​English 30-1/30-2 completed by end of academic year
BA1010:  Business Communications ​PSI3099 = 5CEUs ​English 20-1 or English 20-2 (>80%)
​BA1380:  Organizational Behaviour ​PSI3189 = 5CEUs English 30-1 or 30-2 (in progress/ complete)
​EP3020:  Learning Development in Childhood
English 30-1 (in progress / complete)

* Students are responsible for cost of any LRF fees (course textbooks or materials).

Course Schedules and availability at: www.northernlakescollege.ca/prospective-students/dual-credit

The Grande Prairie Public School Division is working with Northern Lakes College (NLC) to provide dual credit opportunities for students in a variety of areas. 

  • NLC offers individual courses leading to full programs. 
  • Application forms are available online.
  • $300 Caution Fee, payable to your GPPSD High School
  • NLC Technology Fee will be charged directly to the student payable to NLC
  • Students attend courses online, with some programs including on-site lab components.
  • Individual program descriptions are available on the NLC Dual Credit webpage.

GPPSD supports the following courses:

Program Pre/Co Requisites
Educational Assistant ​English 10-1 (60%) or 10-2 (70%) and Math 10-C or Math 10-3  English 30-1 (60%) or 30-2 (70%) to take COMM1000 and ENGL1000 completed or be co-enrolled in English 30-1 or 30-2 to take COMP2100. 
Health Care Aide ​English 20-2 (co enrolled or completed) Recommend English 30-2, Math 30-3, Science 30 or Biology 30 
Introduction to Surveying English 10-2 and Math 20-3 
Oilfield Operator Training  Minimum of Math 20-3 and English 10-2
Power Engineering 4th Class Math 10C (Completed) and English 20-2 (completed or co-enrolled)
Water and Wastewater Operator HS Grade 11 or 12 with Math 10 (completed), English 10-1 or 10-2 (completed)

Single University Transfer Courses

Course Dual Credit Course Code and CEUs Pre/Co Requisites
ENGL1000:  Introduction to English Language and Literature ​PSI3082 = 5CEUs ​Pre: English 30-1 (60%) or 
English 30-2 (70%)
COMP2100:  Introduction to Education Computer Applications ​PSI3055 = 5CEUs ​CO: English 30-1 (60%) or 
English 30-2 (70%)
COMM1000:  Interpersonal Communication for the Helping Profession PSI3054 = 5CEUs ​CO: English 30-1 (60%) or 
English 30-2 (70%)
SOCI1000:  An Introduction to Society PSI3137 = 5CEUs CO:  English 30-1 or English 30-2
HEED1010:  Health Education:  Personal Health and Wellness ​PSI3095 = 5CEUs ​CO:  English 30-1 or English 30-2
​POLS1010:  Canadian Politics:  Institutions and Issues ​PSI3150 = 5CEUs ​CO:  English 30-1 or English 30-2
​STAT1410:  Introduction to Statistics ​PSI3065 = 5CEUs PRE:  Math 30-1 or Math 30-2​
​ANTH1000:  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ​PSI3068 = 5CEUs ​CO:  English 30-1 or English 30-2

Bridge Network Outreach School Grade 12 student James Godfrey following the instructions of Kelly Wilson, Manager at M&R Pluming on how to weld copper pipes. During a Tour of the Trades event — in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Bridge Network Outreach School student following the instructions of Kelly Wilson, Manager at M&R Pluming on how to weld copper pipes. During a Tour of the Trades event in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

CAREERS: The Next Generation has partnered with GPPSD to offer the Water and Wastewater Operator, Oilfield Operator and Power Engineering programs in cooperation with our post-secondary partner, Northern Lakes College. CAREERS: The Next Generation is also instrumental in career exposure opportunities such as Tour of the Trades (Grades 10-12) and Explore the Trades (Grade 9) offered to GPPSD students.​