Students Share Final Thoughts with Board

Group image of students and board members

As the Board of Trustees Student Advisory Committee holds its last meeting of the school year, Board members express gratitude and reflect on another excellent year of growth and leadership. 

Sharing space and hearing students' voices on issues that are important to them has been a highlight for Board members. 


“Seeing your personal growth is tremendous and has helped me grow as well. Thank you for that.”
- Rob Martin, Trustee


“Your perspectives have been enlightening and inspiring, thank you for sharing your time with us.” - Donna Koch, Trustee


“Our hope is that you take the skills you gain here and be change-makers in your own schools, and in your lives, wherever you go." - Joan Nellis, Board Chair

 2022-2023 is the second year of the student committee, which was intentionally formed to give the Board opportunities to hear directly from students while giving back by helping them learn leadership skills. 

As always, When making any Board decision, the first question trustees ask themselves is: Is it good for students? This committee helped them gain new perspectives when asking themselves this question. 

The Board sincerely thanks the students for their time and looks forward to next year. It also thanks GPPSD's Mrs. Kim Frykas, Director of System Planning, and Mr. Sandy McDonald, Superintendent, for working with the students' families and facilitating the meetings throughout the year.

Students interested in joining the 2024-2025 committee can talk to their school administrators.

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