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Grande Prairie Public School Division
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Division Planning


Three Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results Report (AERR)

To ensure we provide quality educational services to our stakeholders, GPPSD prepares a series of documents for our parents and school community, which include:

  • Three Year Educational Plan (updated on an annual basis)
  • Annual Results Review Report (AERR) is based upon the government's accountability pillar mentioned above.
  • Summary sheet of the AERR

These points provide a snapshot of how we are adapting our focus to serve the educational needs of our students to ensure that the Grande Prairie Public School Division is a learning community in which every student succeeds.


Priority 1

Teaching & Learning
Outcome 1: Students will be prepared academically, socially and emotionally to complete high school

Outcome 2: Classroom instruction and assessment prioritizes literacy and numeracy

Priority 2

Outcome 1: Leadership practices improve staff and student learning

Outcome 2: Distributed leadership enhances a collaborative culture of learning

Outcome 3: Indigenous foundational knowledge benefits all students

Priority 3

Outcome 1: School communities are welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environments where students, staff, and families have a strong sense of belonging

Outcome 2: The emotional and physical well-being and mental health of all students and staff is supported
3-Year Education Plan Update May 2022.pdf
2022 GPPSD Highlights to the Community AERR.pdf
2022 GPPSD Alberta Education Results Report.pdf
2021-2024 GPPSD 3-Year Education Plan.pdf
2023 - 2026 GPPSD Educational Facilities Capital Plan.pdf
2022-2025 GPPSD Educational Facilities Capital Plan.pdf
2021-2024 GPPSD Educational Facilities capital plan summary.pdf
2022-2023 Approved Budget Report.pdf
2021-2022 GPPSD Approved Budget Report.pdf
2020-2021 GPPSD Approved Budget Report.pdf
August 31, 2020 - GPPSD Audited Financial Statements.pdf
August 31, 2019 - GPPSD Audited Financial Statements.pdf