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Please read before starting
your child's bus application:


After signing into your ParentPortal click on SchoolEngage > Students > your child's name. The bus application will be on the right under forms.

In order to register for busing, students have to be registered and approved in a GPPSD school. 

Parents will have received an email once your student registration has been approved at your school with their PowerSchool Parent Portal information. Please check your Junk Mail Folder if you feel you didn’t receive it.

Step 1: Check your child's busing eligibility


Step 2: Sign into your PowerSchool Parent Portal Account to access School Engage and complete a 2023 -2024 Busing Application for each student riding the bus. 2023-2024 Busing applications are now open.


For more information on Busing Eligibility and availability check our website at:

Important Information for Families of Bus Pass Holder(s)

Bus Status

Parents and guardians of students with bus passes can find out about their bus status (i.e. cancellations) three ways: 

1. Checking our Bus Alert website
2. Sign up for bus status emails:
3. Sign up for the FirstView app (information below under Bus Tracking)

Bus Tracking

FirstView App is a free bus tracking app for your smartphone or desktop, with predictive Stop Arrival Times for one stop in the morning and one in the afternoon. It will also tell you the status of your bus, if it is late, on time or cancelled.

Please note, GPPSD does not manage this app. All technical support needs to be directed to FirstView.

FirstView® Customer Service - Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Calling the toll-free phone number 1-888-889-8920 from 
  • Emailing Customer Support at
  • Using the in-app “✉” button to provide feedback

FirstView Help Documents


Student ID_Premium - Parent App Registration FAQ.pdf

Student Tracking

ZPass+ is a FREE mobile app that allows parents and guardians of bus pass holders to track their student. Upon signing up, parents can receive notifications on their phone every time their child scans on/off the bus. Please use the steps and help document below for the sign up process.

STEP 1: Sign up your child before downloading the phone app:
STEP 2 : Download app to your mobile device (links in buttons below)

ZPASS+ Help Document:  ZPass+ Document

Please note, GPPSD does not manage this app. All technical support needs to be directed to


Bus Route and Stop Times

Routes, stops and times for 2023/2024 school year are now available


  • School of Choice, Special Needs and lunch time Kindergarten runs, First Student will contact you directly with your stops and times. 
  • Kindergarten and preschool lunch time runs DO NOT run the first two weeks of school for students who apply after July 15, 2022. If you have applied prior to July 15, 2022 you will have busing starting September 6, 2022. Parents are responsible for lunch time transportation during this time

Please click on the button below to find your bus route and stops/times. Here are helpful tips:

  • You will be asked to type in your address with NO hyphens (-) or letter suffixes (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) ​ 
  • Then choose "all grades" under grade.*If you are attending French Immersion you will have to choose FI under program.  
  • Click on your school name to see routes and stops. ​

If you cannot find your routes and stops for the current school year, please contact GPPSD's Transportation Department at: 780-539-7419

Where & When to Pick up Student's Bus Pass?

Bus passes can be picked up at the student's school.

Bus Pass Replacement (Lost or Damaged)

​If a bus pass is lost or damaged in any way you will need to log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal then click on SchoolEngage and fill out the replacement bus pass application for the student.

Bus Pass Payment

​If you are paying for bus transportation you must either pay for the entire school year, in full, or fill out a pre-authorized debit form, prior to the student receiving their bus pass. If paying by pre-authorized debit, the first month must by paid and the PAD form must be filled out and submitted to the Transportation Department through SchoolEngage. Two weeks notice is required to cancel your bus pass pre-authorized debit.