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Grande Prairie Public School Division
Every Student Succeeds

Get Involved!


By encouraging and supporting your child, you are showing you place a high priority on his/her learning, participation progress and behaviour at school.
Support your child by:

        attending special events at school

        reading together often

        knowing school rules, expectations, discipline policies, and grading practices

        reading newsletters, agendas and notes from the teacher

        participating in parent-teacher interviews

        talking with your child about school, his/her interests and friends

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP)

鈥婽he Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (commonly known as FOIP) is provincial legislation that applies to government departments and agencies, and local public bodies such as school division. In a school setting, the privacy of students and parents is protected by this Act. Schools must follow rules in the collection, use, protection and disclosure of personal information.鈥 If you would like more information on what this means for parents and students, please visit our FOIP page

School Councils

School Councils provide advice and assistance to school principals and trustees regarding educational issues.
Involvement on these councils includes:

        focusing on educational matters

        serving as a liaison between parents, the school, and community groups

        locating resources such as speakers and volunteers

        gathering information and sharing experiences

        supporting the goals and objectives of the school


Please lend a hand to your child's school! There are many different ways you can help out. For more information, contact your child's school.


Division Involvement

Input from parents and the community assists the Board in making decisions that ensure students are provided with the best possible education.
Involvement at the Division level can include:

        attending public Board meetings

        filling in public opinion polls and surveys

        contacting trustees with ideas and concerns

        understanding board policies and reading board minutes

        keeping up to the date on local issues such as elections, government policies and teacher bargaining


Help Your Child Achieve

Success at school begins at home. You are the first and most important teacher your child will ever have. As a parent, you can help stimulate your child's enthusiasm for learning.
Help your young child get off on the right foot:

        Children who get plenty of sleep are more ready to learn. Ten to 12 hours is recommended for four to six-year-olds.

       A well-balanced diet, including breakfast, is important to learning.

        Children should dress appropriately for different kinds of weather.

        Help your child look forward to school.

        Talk with your child about school activities and routines. Become familiar with school rules and discuss them with your child. Your attitude and actions will help determine how your child feels about school.

KidsInsured鈩 Student Accident Insurance

KidsInsured鈩 Student Accident Insurance, provided by MSH International and underwritten by Certain Lloyd's Underwriters, KidsInsured鈩 is a family-first product, ensuring financial peace of mind when accidents strike. 

KidsInsured鈩 Student Accident Insurance has plans to suit every family's budget ranging from $13/year to $33/year depending on the plan selected. All plans provide 24/7 coverage and a variety of important accident benefits. Benefit limits differ based on each plan.

To apply for the KidsInsured鈩 Student Accident Insurance or to find out more, visit 


Alberta Education myPass鈥

myPass is a service from Alberta Education that is a secure self-service site for students to:

  1. View and print diploma exam results
  2. Order high school transcripts
  3. View progress towards a diploma or certificate
  4. A number of other services

After they register, this site provides students access to information about their education.