Celebrating GPPSD Employee Appreciation Week: February 20-23, 2024

Artwork by Daphne Russell, Grade 6, Parkside Montessori

At the heart of the Grande Prairie Public School Division's success are our outstanding employees, who are our greatest strength. In recognition of their invaluable contributions, we are celebrating each of our team members.

With a dedicated team of approximately 1,400 staff members, the Grande Prairie Public School Division thrives because of the collective effort dedicated to nurturing our students' academic, social, and emotional growth. Each employee plays a crucial role in creating an environment where students are placed at the forefront, ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed.

We are proud to designate February 20-23, 2024, as Employee Appreciation Week across all our locations as a testament to our employees' unwavering commitment to our students and their futures.

Alexander (Sandy) McDonald, Superintendent "The purpose of this week is to celebrate our employees and their success being difference-makers in the Grande Prairie Public School Division.  I am beyond grateful I get to be on your team."

Joan Nellis, Board Chair "We are very fortunate to have such amazing staff contributing to the success of our division. We see the pride and dedication you put into every facet of our work whether it be with students, in maintenance of our buildings, or the management of our resources. It's this level of care and attention that makes our division outstanding and helps every student succeed."

 EJ Igao, Student Advisory Committee Chair "Without all of the unwavering support and collaborative efforts from staff members, our schools could not be a safe, inclusive, and thriving community for students to learn and grow."

This week, let's join together in celebrating the remarkable individuals who make our school division a place of learning, growth, and community.

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