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Grande Prairie Public School Division
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The Grande Prairie Public School Division is a learning community in the city of Grande Prairie responsible for the education of over 8,500 students (preschool to grade 12) in 18 schools. The Grande Prairie Public School Division is proud to provide a variety of Preschool, French Immersion, Montessori, Christian Education, sports-focused and International Baccalaureate Programs serving to students and parents of the Grande Prairie community. GPPSD believes in creating a nurturing environment where “Every Student Succeeds.” To learn more, about us, continue to browse our website and follow GPPSD2357 on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

  • Grande Prairie Christian School (K-9) View Website More
    8202 110 Street Grande Prairie AB T8W 1M3
    Principal: Travis Fehler | Vice Principal: Chris Doerksen
    Kindergarten to Grade 9 | Students: 350 | Since 1979 | Slogan: Pursuing Personal Excellence and Christ-Like Character
  • Alexander Forbes School (K-8) View Website More
    7240 Poplar Drive Grande Prairie AB T8V 5A6
    Principal: Terry Gorgichuk | Vice-principal(s): Charlie Kraig, Andy Ralston & Gillian Rutberg
    Kindergarten to Grade 8 | Students: 510 | Since 1980 | Slogan: Towards Tomorrow Today
  • Aspen Grove School (K-8) View Website More
    9720 63rd Avenue Grande Prairie AB T8W 1K3
    Principal: Mike Humbke
  • Crystal Park School (K-8) View Website More
    9351 116 Avenue Grande Prairie AB T8V 6L5
    Principal: Corinne Kruse
  • Derek Taylor Public School (K-8) View Website More
    7321 104A Street Grande Prairie AB T8W 0E9
    Principal: Shelly Bracko
  • I.V. Macklin Public School (K-8) View Website More
    8876 108 Avenue Grande Prairie AB T8X 1N7
    Principal: Tracey Farn
  • Isabel Campbell Public School (K-8) View Website More
    7149 114St Grande Prairie Alberta T8W 0G7
    Principal: Matthew Pepper
    Isabel Campbell Public School is a kindergarten to grade eight school located in the Pinnacle Ridge neighborhood. Isabel Campbell is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school. It’s catchment area includes the neighborhoods of Westpointe, Pinnacle Ridge and O’Brien Lake. With a diverse school population of 618 students, our focus remains on developing strong community minded students. We offer a variety of programs for our population including a variety of student clubs and interschool athletic opportunities. With focused, student lead elementary assemblies, a middle level leadership opportunities and junior high leadership class, students in our school have a variety of opportunities to engage both with the school and extended school community.
  • Riverstone Public School (K-8) View Website More
    8901 Willow Drive Grande Prairie AB T8X 0G8
    Principal: Jill Burgess
    Riverstone is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located on the east side of Grande Prairie, in the Riverstone subdivision. Riverstone students come from the areas of Cobblestone, Riverstone, Brookfield, Creekside, Summerside, Signature Falls, Countryside North and South and Swan City and Meadowview Mobile Home Parks.
  • Roy Bickell Public School (K-8) View Website More
    10410 Royal Oaks Drive Grande Prairie Alberta T8V 8L5
    Principal: Tracey Mark | Vice Principal(s): Jake Roberts & Melissa Burton
    Kindergarten to Grade 8 | Students: 200 | Since 2017 | Slogan: Striving for Excellence
  • Avondale School (K-6) View Website More
    10226 108 Avenue Grande Prairie AB T8V 1P5
    Principal: Kristina Black | Vice-principal: Jae LeClerc
    Kindergarten to Grade 6 | Students: 170 | Since 1957 | Slogan: Learn and Succeed Together
  • Hillside Community School (K-6) View Website More
    9410 106 Avenue Grande Prairie AB T8V 1H8
    Principal: Cindy Clarkson | Vice-principal: Josh Hartman
    Kindergarten to Grade 6 | Students: 260 | Since 1960 | Slogan: Providing the Best Possible Learning Environment for our Students
  • Maude Clifford Public School (K-6) View Website More
    9206 Lakeland Drive Grande Prairie AB T8W 2H3
    Principal: Jason Mestinsek | Vice-principal: Shawna Holman
    Kindergarten to Grade 6 | Students: 400 | Since 2009 | Slogan: Keeping Students Actively Involved in Their Education
  • Swanavon School (K-6) View Website More
    8908 100 Street Grande Prairie AB T8V 2K4
    Principal: Cynthia Matthews | Vice-principal: Cory Schartner
    Kindergarten to Grade 6 | Students: 230 | Since 1957 | Slogan: Success for All Students
  • École Montrose (Preschool to Grade 8) View Website More
    6431 98 Street Grande Prairie AB
    Principal: Paul Therrien
  • Parkside Montessori (Preschool to Grade 6) View Website More
    9617 91a Ave Grande Prairie Alberta T8V 0G7
    Principal: Corrine Shmyruk
    Parkside Montessori is a Preschool to Grade 6 school. Parkside Montessori is the first dedicated Montessori School in Grande Prairie. The school shares an environment where everyone is welcome and is an equal member of the community. We are engaging with our community partners to provide learning opportunities for our students and to promote positive citizenship through acts of service. Our aim is to cultivate kindness with the goal of developing children into the leaders of today. Why wait for tomorrow when our children can lead today?
  • Bridge Network Outreach School (7-12) View Website More
    9625 Prairie Road Grande Prairie AB
    Principal: Ken Dunfield
  • Charles Spencer High School (9-12) View Website More
    20 Knowledge Way Grande Prairie AB T8W 2V9
    Principal: Michelle Blair
    Charles Spencer High School serves approximately 1,200 students in Grades 9-12. We are situated on Grande Prairie’s south side Community Knowledge Campus. In addition to a full slate of academic courses, students attending Charles Spencer High School will also have the opportunity to participate in unique programming including: French Immersion, elite sports programming (through The Academy), Knowledge & Employability classes, Innovative Support classes as well as off-campus programming such as Work Experience, Dual Credit and Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP).
  • Grande Prairie Composite High School (9-12) View Website More
    11202 104 Street Grande Prairie AB T8V 2Z1
    Principal: Dennis Vobeyda
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