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Grande Prairie Public School Division
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Division Assurance Survey

Thank you to our parents, guardians, students, and staff who engaged with us by completing our Division Assurance Surveys. The input from the Division's 6384 participants informs our planning for the 2022-2023 school year and will be reflected in the Division 3 Year Education Plan. Division surveys are one way for our education partners to engage in the assurance process.

We are happy to share 'What we heard!' with our community. See our "What's Next" at the bottom of the page for insight on what the data tells us.


What we heard!

Total number of respondents to the surveys

DASurvey-Report-2020-2021-Number of Respondants to survey-39.png

Percentage of respondents that were satisfied overall

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GPPSD 3 Year Education Plan Priorities

Teaching & Learning

Percentage of Parents, Students and Staff who agree:

Students are prepared academically to complete high school 


Students are prepared for life after high school


Students are prepared socially and emotionally to complete high school


High expectations are set for student achievement 



Percentage of Parents, Students and Staff agree:

They have opportunities to collaborate and be involved in decision making


Professional growth structures support student achievement


Students and staff are acquiring and applying Indigenous foundational knowledge


Communication from the school and teachers is regular and meaningful



Percentage of Parents, Students and Staff agree:

GPPSD schools and workplaces are Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments


Student emotional, physical well-being and mental health is supported


What's Next

Thank you for contributing to our planning and supporting the continuous improvement in the Grande Prairie Public School Division.

Results from Division Assurance Surveys, along with student achievement data, is used to update Division and School 3-Year Education Plans each spring. These plans identify the priorities, outcomes and strategies used to achieve our goals. Evidence is used to assess progress and guide planning to support continuous improvement. Engagement with School Councils, parents, staff, and students informs school and Division priorities. Division Assurance Surveys are one of the ways we engage with our stakeholders.

Responses from the Division Assurance Survey indicate:

  • a need to continue our work with students to help them have a more active voice in their school. When students are more actively involved in developing a shared responsibility for what happens in their school, they will feel more connected and will be better prepared to succeed personally and academically.
  • our focus on Indigenous Foundational Knowledge supports enhanced understanding within school communities.
  • Professional Learning Days are identified by staff as a structure to support improved student achievement.
  • a need for further engagement with students to understand their beliefs about welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe environments.

The GPPSD "2021 Alberta Education Results Report" provides further analysis of results and strategies to support the 3 Year Education Plan.