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STEM Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is STEM Learning? 
A:  STEM Learning in GPPSD provides students an opportunity to develop a passion in the areas of "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math." Students will investigate and explore innovative and creative solutions to real world problems. Connecting with experts, collaborating with community partners, and integrating Indigenous perspectives will enhance opportunities for students to engage with the world around them and prepare for their future. 


Q: When does STEM Learning occur at school? 
A:  STEM Learning is not a standalone course or program; it will be infused into the school day during regular classes and through some extra-curricular activities. 


Q:  What if my current school does not offer STEM Learning? 
A:  STEM Learning is not offered at all schools. Crystal Park School, Derek Taylor School and Hillside will infuse STEM Learning at their sites. Staff at these schools will be engaged in STEM professional learning throughout the year and additional STEM resources will be available for student learning. If you are interested in STEM Learning for your student, you must register and attend one of these three schools full time. 


Q:  Is there a program fee for STEM Learning? 
A:  No, there is not a program fee for STEM Learning. Junior High Option fees will apply to students participating in STEM Option Courses. JH Option fees can range from $10 - $50 per option and each school will share detailed information with their families. 


Q:  How will my child get to school each day? 
A:  Transportation is not provided to out of boundary students registering at a site for STEM Learning. Families will be responsible for transporting their student. Boundary students follow the regular transportation guidelines. 


Q:  If I attend a non-boundary school for STEM Learning, what happens when my child transitions to grade 9? 
A:  All students are required to attend their boundary High School for grade 9 unless registering in a high school program of choice. STEM Learning is not a program of choice in grades 9-12.