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Riverstone Public School
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Staff Directory
NameJob TitleE-mail
Nicole AeblyElementary/Middle Years Counsellor
Kelsey BrittonClassroom Teacher
Jill BurgessPrincipal
RS CircCirculation Account 
Allayne ClevelandClassroom Teacher
Heather CouttsClassroom Teacher
Kim CroweClassroom Teacher
Alissa DionClassroom Teacher
Kelsey FergusonClassroom Teacher
Kyla FlettClassroom Teacher
Holly GagnonClassroom Teacher
Monique GirardClassroom Teacher
Lindsay HansonClassroom Teacher
Jeannine HayClassroom Teacher
Marie HefferanClassroom Teacher
Jennifer HendersonClassroom Teacher
Dennis JobsonClassroom Teacher
Kendee JohnsonClassroom Teacher
Janice Jonesclassroom Teacher
Joanne KingClassroom Teacher
Brittney LamoureuxClassroom Teacher
Tracey MahoneyClassroom Teacher
Farrah MayeaClassroom Teacher
Colin MurphyVice Principal
Sheena NessClassroom Teacher
Angela NilssonClassroom Teacher
Jill PensonClassroom Teacher
Keith PetersClassroom Teacher
Susan PicardClassroom Teacher
John RimmerClassroom Teacher
Christy RouxClassroom Teacher
Leanne SchweitzerClassroom Teacher
Todd SchweitzerClassroom Teacher
Bonnie SundeClassroom Teacher
Ashly TenneyClassroom Teacher
Jason WallVice Principal
Dave WatsonClassroom Teacher
Tasha ZboyaClassroom Teacher