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Isabel Campbell Public School
Innovation, Collaboration, Perseverance, Success.
About Our School


Isabel Campbell Public School is a kindergarten to grade eight school located in the Pinnacle Ridge neighborhood, that opened in 2016. Isabel Campbell’s catchment area includes the neighborhoods of Westpointe, Pinnacle Ridge and O’Brien Lake. Isabel Campbell Public School boundary students transition to Charles Spencer High School for Grade 9.

Our school was named after Isabel Campbell a pioneer, a journalist, a historian and award winner for her efforts to preserve the history of the Peace Region. Isabel Campbell Biography.

With a diverse school population our focus remains on developing strong community minded students. We offer a variety of programs for our population including a variety of student clubs and interschool athletic opportunities. With focused, student lead elementary assemblies, a middle level leadership opportunities and junior high leadership class, students in our school have a variety of opportunities to engage both with the school and extended school community.

Our school provides home to the Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta, for whom their regional office is located within our building and a partnership with Stepping Stones Day Care Society that provides care for Kindergarten students to 12 years old.

Who we are!

Isabel Campbell Public School believes in four tenants, Innovation, Collaboration, Perseverance, and Success.


​Kindergarten to
 Grade 8
​654 Students
​48 Staff

Meet our School Administrators

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​Matthew Pepper
Principal -
see the Principal's Message HERE
Brian Mayea
Vice Principal
​Kathrine Nijenhuis
Vice Principal

​School Council our Partners in Education

Isabel Campbell is proud to have an active School Council which meets on the second Wednesday of each month. This council has been instrumental in providing services which improve the climate in the school. Some of their endeavors have resulted in a winter warm up project which provides students without proper winter tuques and mittens the opportunity to take or borrow what is needed. They have also been running a school wide nutrition program which provides apples to anyone in our school community who may be hungry. Parents are welcomed to be involved in our School Council Information can be found HERE

​Meets the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
School Council Chair contact information and meeting information can be found HERE

In addition to our School Council, we are proud to partner with the South West 40 Playground Society which is made up of parent and school staff whose sole purpose is to raise money to build a playground for our students. This community group meets following all school council meetings and is an actively involved in our school running fun lunches, school dances and other community events.

At Isabel Campbell Public School we...

offer a variety of programs for our population including student clubs, interschool athletic opportunities and a variety of complimentary courses for students in grade 7 and 8. Students in our school have many opportunities to engage both with the school and extended school community through active participation and leaderships in school assemblies, and whole school culture activities. As an Academy School, we offer programs of choice in Hockey, Dance, and Athletics for students in grade 4 through 8.

Our staff works closely with the Division's Multidisciplinary Team which includes Classroom Support Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapists, Counsellors, and Psychologists to ensure we are providing our students with the best possible learning opportunities.

We are proud to work with a number of community partners including Stepping Stones Day Care Society who provides, before, during and after school care for Isabel Campbell families, as well as Citrus Catering who provide a full service canteen for our student body. Our school shares community office space with the City of Grande Prairie, and we are proud to work collaboratively with their tenants.

Our parent community is actively involved in our school through our school council. Our parent community has been active in improving the school experience of our students through fun lunches, volunteer opportunities and fundraising initiatives. Our school council maintains an active Facebook group providing ongoing community dialogue. Their contributions as partners in education enriches the student experience at Isabel Campbell.

Our School Education Plan is focused on:

Priority: Teaching and Learning
Outcome: Classroom instruction supports the diverse learning needs of all students in reading, writing and numeracy.

Priority: Inclusion
Outcome: Isabel Campbell is a safe, caring and respectful environment that supports the social emotional learning needs of all.

To see our full School Educational Plan and Results Report - Click HERE

Programs of Choice Offered at Isabel Campbell

To see more information about The Academy 
Program of Choice - Click HERE

To see more information about KinderPAL 
Program of Choice - Click HERE

The Academy where a passion for sport or fine art can positively drive a passion for education and character development. The goal is to integrate excellence in education, athletics, and positive character development in every day of our student-athletes’ educational experience.

KinderPAL an early learning program of choice for kindergarten-age students. The program provides full day, all day learning where your child has regular Kindergarten programming for half of their time and the other half is the KinderPAL experience; play and learn. KinderPAL programming provides a classroom setting where your child will experience peer-based play as they continue developing and growing their knowledge

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