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Grad Commencement Ceremony 


Since our last communication we have seen the implementation of stronger mandatory public health measures to protect the health system and stop the spike of COVID-19. This latest action reinforced our earlier decision to ensure we were developing a plan that would allow us to scale up or scale down depending on the current health restrictions in Alberta.
After consultation with Grande Sunset Theatre and AHS, we have determined an effective way to provide our graduates a safe commencement ceremony this year while still following all mandatory restrictions that are required within Alberta.
Some information for the event:
  1. All graduates will receive a “grad in a bag” on the week of May 31st.Included will be:
    a. Grad cap and Gown (to keep)
    b. Grad photo backdrop
    c. Graduation lawn sign
  2. June 4th Graduation Ceremony
    a. Doors open at 9:00pm
    b. Event begins 10:00pm to best utilize dusk for the drive-in movie theater.
    c. All graduates permitted ONE vehicle entry to the event. Your grad in the              vehicle is the ticket for the vehicle.
    d. Vehicles will be directed where to park ensuring that all vehicles  can see the screen with an unobstructed view.
    e. All passengers must remain in vehicle unless using washroom.
    f. Graduates will:
       i. be called in groups to leave their vehicles and approach the stage waiting area.
      ii. walk across the stage and have their picture professionally taken while on the stage.
      iii. return to their vehicle.
    g. Event to be live streamed on Grande Prairie Composite’s Facebook page for those family and friends unable to join at the live event.
    h. Event will be edited, digitized, and shared with graduates and families prior to the            end of the school year.

We would like to express our gratitude to the graduates and their parents for their hard work,
perseverance, and flexibility. We look forward to seeing all our graduates on Friday June 4th.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why has the format changed from previous years? 
Alberta Health services provides the guidelines which the school must adhere to. Attached are the most current AHS guidelines which are governing the Graduation event.

Are grads able to bring escorts? 
No. Grads are to attend with their family cohort, arriving in one vehicle, according to AHS
guidelines. Only one grad member will be permitted on the stage at a time.

Where do I stand on the stage?
There will be a clearly marked area for the grads to stand when they are having their pictures
taken by the photographers.

Will there be opportunities for families to take pictures at the venue?
No. Current AHS guidelines do not permit patrons to leave the vehicles to take pictures.
However, we encourage families to use the cap and gown and the grad backdrop provided to
take pictures prior to attending the event.

Is there a grad fee?
Yes, the grad fee this year is $100 and can be paid in person at the school or over the phone.
This fee is to offset the cost of the venue rental and the purchase of cap and gown.

What about those family members and friends who do not live in my cohort?
The event will be live streamed for any who want to watch.
Is there anything the grad parent committee can do to assist in set up or decoration?
Due to AHS and venue restrictions, the volunteers are limited to school staff or event employees as part of the presenter groups. We are grateful to all the flexibility and support the grad parent committee has provided during this process.

What is the grad supposed to wear?
All grads will be provided a cap and gown to wear if they wish. If the grad wishes to wear their
formal attire, this is also permitted.

How will the grads know when to get out of their cars and approach the stage?
Each car will be given a group number which will be called when it is time for that group to
marshal to the stage. Grads will be given stage directions by school staff while the grads are
waiting to cross the stage.

Grad Parent Meetings 




April 14th 6:30-7:30pm - Grad Planning Committee meeting. 

March 10th 6:30-7:30pm - Grad Planning Committee meeting. 

February 24th 6:30-7:30pm - Grad update (see above).

December 16 @ 7pm -  Follow-up on Survey Results. 

November 18 - Follow-up meeting. Survey link sent out re: Grad details, Grad dates and Grad Committee parent volunteers. 

November 10 - General information regarding Grad. 

 Grad 2021 Clothing Wear

Online Grad Store is open now until 11:59pm on June 6th. Click here to shop! 

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*Please be sure to book your child's grad portrait, even if you don't want to purchase a photo package. There is no fee to have your child's photo taken in a cap and gown. This photo will be used in the yearbook. 

See below for more information:

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