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Derek Taylor Public School
Everyone Belonging, Contributing, Learning and Celebrating; Personally, Academically, and Socially in Their Education
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2018 2019 Supply Lists.pdf
6/26/2018 7:32 AMShelly Bracko
2018-2019 DT School Plan and Results Report 18-12-11.pdf
1/15/2019 5:56 PMShelly Bracko
December 2018.pdf
12/21/2018 11:34 AMJanice Barrett
January 2019.pdf
1/31/2019 4:58 PMJanice Barrett
November 2018.pdf
12/3/2018 1:36 PMJanice Barrett
October 2018.pdf
10/31/2018 3:54 PMJanice Barrett
September 2018.pdf
9/28/2018 4:09 PMJanice Barrett
September Addition.pdf
9/28/2018 4:32 PMJanice Barrett