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January Diploma Exam Prep Sessions

January 07, 2016

If you are taking Biology 30, Math 30-1 or 30-2, or Science 30, Mr. MacNeil will be offering information and diploma exam preparation sessions in January. It is strongly recommended that you attend one of these sessions. If you wish to attend both, you may do so. Text Box: DIPLOMA EXAM PREP SESSIONS FOR JANUARY  Please let Mr.MacNeil know if you will be attending and what session you wish to attend. The following sessions will be available:

 Biology 30è Tues, Jan. 12th 6-8pm and Tues, Jan. 19th 1-3pm

 Math 30-1/30-2è Wed, Jan.13th 6-8pm and Wed, Jan.20th 1-3pm

 Science 30è Thurs, Jan.14th 6-8pm and Thurs, Jan.21st 1-3pm​