Bridge Network Outreach School
Keeping Students Actively Involved in Their Education

The Bridge Network is Located in the Lions Learning Centre.  It is an alternative educational environment for students of all ages with a student population of approximately 300 and a staff of 7.  Our programs are ideal for students who are not finding success in the traditional school setting. 

Our programs include: ​

 Bridge Network Outreach

  • Supporting the needs of Grade 10-12 students in an environment that emphasizes individualized instruction
  • Supports the needs of students who are seeking to complete their high school diploma or earn high school course credits
  • Academic upgrading

The Middle Years Outreach 

  • Supporting the needs of Grade 7-9 students in a classroom setting that enables students to develop positive social and learning skills.
  • Ideal for students struggling with the social and emotional pressure of a conventional school setting.
  • Focused on improving attendance with the intent of students returning to a conventional school setting when appropriate.

The Student Success Program  

  • Supporting the career goals of students who have completed three years of high school and wish to continue their education in order to earn an Alberta Education diploma
  • Instruction is delivered through various means including online, distance education, off campus education, and on- site instruction.

Along with these programs, we also provide Adult Education, for those learners not included in the Education Act (contact The Bridge Network to determine eligibility), and Home Education, for those parents who choose to deliver education to their children when they are not able to attend classes in a traditional school. 

The Bridge Network is focused on helping students of all ages succeed academically in an alternative educational environment. Inside our classrooms you’ll find our students getting the individual assistance they desire and the credits they need for a high school diploma or to support their career goals. 

We have helped many students return to formal education and work to facilitate transition back to a regular classroom setting when appropriate. Our flexible schedule, positive relationships and network of partnerships with other agencies allow us to extend extensive support to our students.