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Offline Activities

These are activities students can do at home without internet access. 

(Grade 6 students may also find activities they are interested in, in the grade 7 - 9 section as well)

Building and Art

Build igloos out of cardboard


  1. Step one: Cut larger boxes down into equilateral and Isosceles triangles
  2. Step two: Fold the edges
  3. Step three": Hot glue to form pentagons
  4. Step four: They should fit together to create one large igloo like house. 

Build a fort outside  

  • Take pictures of the stages of the build and write a story about the project.

Create an obstacle course for dad, mom or big brother or sister.  See if they can get through it!

Make Puppets

  • design, and build puppets that perform a show about multiplication.

Outdoor Activities

Go for a walk

Take a notepad with you.  Keep a tally

  • How many dogs do you see on your walk?
  • How many birds?
  • How many people are wearing earmuffs?
  • How many people wearing hats?
  • How many are wearing running shoes?
  • Come back to you house and graph your findings.  What did you see the most of?


Make up a story and record it on someone's phone.  See if you can use different expressions for each character.

Parents read to child (or older sibling can read to younger one): 

    • Look at the book you are going to read with your child and discuss the cover and the pictures before you read.
    • As you read the story, discuss different elements that you find interesting or cause you to 'wonder'.  Ask you child what they think?  What will happen next?  How do you think the story will end?  What would you do if you were the character?

Learn, Practice and tell three new jokes.


Paper Airplanes

  • Using one type of paper (constant), build three different paper airplanes (independent variable) and test to see how far they fly (dependent variable).
Measure and record:  See how far you can jump at different times of the day.  Measure, record it.  Will anyone in the house beat your record?


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