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Web Awareness

Critical thinking is more important then ever before, especially in this digital age.  Please take a moment and click on the link under "Resources",  Are you and your child Web Aware?"

Offline Activities

These are activities students can do at home without internet access. 

(Grade 6 students may also find activities they are interested in, in the grade 7-9 Parent Supports section as well)

Build igloos out of cardboard


  1. Step one: Cut larger boxes down into equilateral and Isosceles triangles
  2. Step two: Fold the edges
  3. Step three": Hot glue to form pentagons
  4. Step four: They should fit together to create one large igloo like house. 

Build a fort outside  

  • Take pictures of the stages of the build and write a story about the project.

Obstacle course

  • Create an obstacle course for dad, mom or big brother or sister.  See if they can get through it!

Make Puppets

  • Design, and build puppets that perform a show about multiplication.

Outdoor Activities

Go for a walk
Take a notepad and keep a tally

  • How many dogs do you see on your walk?
  • How many birds?
  • How many people are wearing earmuffs?
  • How many people wearing hats?
  • How many are wearing running shoes?
  • Come back to your house and graph your findings.  What did you see the most of?


Make up a story and record it on someone's phone.  See if you can use different expressions for each character.

Parents read to your child
(or older sibling can read to their younger)

  • Look at the book you are going to read with your child and discuss the cover and the pictures before you read.
  • As you read the story, discuss different elements that you find interesting or cause you to 'wonder'. 
  • Ask your child what they think? 
  • What will happen next? 
  • How do you think the story will end?
  • What would you do if you were the character?

Learn, Practice and tell three new jokes.


Paper Airplanes

  • Using one type of paper (constant), build three different paper airplanes (independent variable) and test to see how far they fly (dependent variable).


Measure and record:
See how far you can jump at different times of the day.  Measure, record it.  Will anyone in the house beat your record?

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