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Offline Activities  Below are activities that can be done without internet

Outdoor and Physical Activity

Plan out the different ways you will 'go outside'.  Go for a walk one day; bike ride on another; skateboard; run, jog.


Take a sketchbook outside with you and find something interesting and sketch it out. 

Get the gameboards out and play games with older or younger siblings OR with your parents when they get home.

  • Learn a new game – is there a card game or board game in the house that you haven't played before and now could learn?


Telephone Charades

  • This game puts a twist on the classic parlor game by using the premise of the game "Telephone." Assemble the players into a line. All of the players start off facing the opposite direction of the first player. As soon as the first player thinks of a charade, he taps the second player on the back, prompting her to turn around. He then performs his charade for her eyes only. After he's finished, she taps the third player on the back and performs her take on the charade, either copying the first player's actions or improving them, if she knows the charade he chose. The charade continues on down the line until the last person in line has to guess the charade. After you've all laughed at how the charade got distorted throughout the game, the last player now chooses a charade and the process begins again.

Call an older relative or family friend:

  • ask him or her something about their childhood.

Plan a meal:

  • What is your favourite meal?  Plan out a meal and offer to help your mother/father guardian cook up the feast.
  • Come up with a theme and see if you can create a meal to go with it.

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