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Every Student Succeeds
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Policy 01 Mission Guiding Principles.pdf
Policy 02 Role of the Board Appendix A Board Performance Assessment Guide.pdf
Policy 02 Role of the Board.pdf
Policy 03  Role of the Trustee.pdf
Policy 04  Role of the Board Chair.pdf
Policy 05  Role of the Vice-Chair.pdf
Policy 06 Trustee Code of Ethics.pdf
Policy 07 Board Operations.pdf
Policy 08  Committees of the Board.pdf
Policy 09  Board Representatives.pdf
Policy 10 Board Delegation of Authority.pdf
Policy 11  Policy Making.pdf
Policy 12  Appeals Regarding Student Matters.pdf
Policy 13 Appeals Regarding Teacher Matters.pdf
Policy 14 Whistle Blowing Protection.pdf
Policy 15 Financial Management.pdf
Policy 16 Student Fees and Fee Schedule.pdf
Policy 17  School Closure or Reconfiguration of Schools.pdf
Policy 18 Superintendent of Schools CEO Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
Policy 19  Evaluation of Superintendent of Schools.pdf
Policy 19 Appendix B - Performance Assessment Guide.pdf
Policy 20 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Working and Learning Environments.pdf