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Reading Recovery

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GPPSD recognizes that if a child is to be a successful reader, there are specific developmental milestones they must progress through by the end of Grade 3.

Reading Recovery® is a research based intervention that addresses Grade 1 students who need regular intensive one-on-one in reading and writing processes. It is a short-term intervention ranging from 12 – 20 weeks. Specially trained, certified teachers provide one-to-one individual instruction for those students that have been selected for the intervention.  This intervention does not replace literacy instruction in the classroom.  It is supplementary to excellent balanced literacy teaching.    

Literacy is addressed in our schools through the Comprehensive Approach to Literacy (Balanced Literacy). This is an ongoing initiative where teachers are putting into practice the Gradual Release of Responsibility in writing and reading. Teachers model strategies, allowing students to share in the experience through interactive reading and writing and guide their progress in small group instruction, (guided instruction).  This all works together to enhance a child’s ability to be successful in reading and writing independently.

After grade four, students encounter more content in their reading. Teachers focus on engaging students through Effective Comprehension strategies.  Teachers understand that they are all teachers of reading and writing.  Teachers of students in grade seven, eight and nine use a comprehension assessment called the Ontario Comprehension Assessment.  All teachers across the content areas, collaboratively discuss student reading and comprehension skills.  This is powerful discussion about student learning!