Peace Collaborative Services
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Physical Therapy

The Physiotherapy deAbby 2016.jpgpartment provides services to children with severe disabilities and children in our preschool programs.


A School based physical therapist evaluates the child鈥檚 ability to function in the school environment, including the classroom, playground, cafeteria, etc. A school PT may make recommendations for physical therapy if the child demonstrates difficulty accessing these environments or participating with other children in these environments due to a disability. The PT may consider:

 Can the child sit in a classroom chair without assistance?
 Can the child get up off the floor after circle time without assistance?
 Can the child safely ascend and descend stairs or ramps in the school?
 Can the child participate in appropriate activities at school? independently?
 Can the child access the drinking fountain at school without loss of balance?
 Can the child stand independently?
 Can the child walk safely and independently (i.e. through a busy hallway), walk safely with an assistive device (like a walker or forearm crutches), propel their wheelchair safely and independently through the school environment?