Peace Collaborative Services
Supporting Student Success
Occupational Therapy


Definition:  Occupational therapy assists with the skills for the job of living.  In a school-based setting the student’s jobs are:

  • playing
  • printing/drawing/colouring
  • cutting  
  • organizational skills
  • dressing for gym/recess
  • eating lunch
  • getting to and from class
  • note taking
  • toileting
  • completing written assignments
  • class participation
  • using computers

The occupational therapist will complete assessment and consult with the teacher regarding the student’s functional school performance.

Assessment and consultation will be provided in the following areas:

  • fine motor skills
  • visual motor skills
  • feeding assessment 
  • sensory processing
  • seating and positioning
  • environmental modifications
  • activities of daily living (dressing, personal care, mobility)
  • functional job and life skills programming
  • assessment for need/appropriateness of assistive technology:  low tech (i.e. pencil grips); high tech (software, computers)