Peace Collaborative Services
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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Amy Cornick  is the Educator of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing who provides consultation support for students with hearing loss in the areas of listening skill development and assistive listening devices (hearing aids, cochlear implants, personal FM systems).  Inservicing is available for teachers of students with hearing loss.  Information shared at the inservice includes a discussion of the student’s audiogram, amplification equipment  (hearing aids, cochlear implants, personal FM system, etc) and classroom strategies that enhance the learning environment for a student with hearing loss.  Support is also available to address the individual needs of the student with hearing loss in the classroom setting.  Assessment of language and academic skills is also available.

cochlearimplanttypes1.jpg The Consultant for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in conjunction with local and regional Audiology and Hearing Aid clinics participated in the yearly Deaf and Hard of Hearing Skill shops that sees students and their families come together to share information and comradery.  The Skillshops have been well attended from participants from all over the Northwest of Alberta.

2019 Skillshop.jpeg

5/2/2017 10:00 AMCheryl Brown