Peace Collaborative Services
Supporting Student Success
How PCS Works
Regional Collaborative Service Delivery is not a program or service. It is an approach to more effectively meet the learning needs of children and youth and support their well-being. Its purpose is to support regions in providing streamlined, coordinated, integrated and enhanced access to supports and services for children and youth to be successful in their educational program and in their community.

The goal of the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery approach is that children and youth will have access to the right supports at the right time in their school and community. It will achieve this by improving access to supports; building capacity within communities, including school staff, service providers and families; and by improving integration and coordination of services.

For PCS, partners are committed to working together to realize the provincial goal of improved services.


Examples of supports and services which might be provided throughout the continuum are provided on the following pages:

The above pages provide an extensive list of supports but merely a sample of what should be considered at each level.  Each school and school division will design these supports specific to their own context and availability of services.

It would be advantageous for a staff to articulate the supports and services which are available to them in their school and community.  A well-articulated pyramid can become a method for sharing best practice as well as create a menu of supports when determining next steps for student intervention.

Alberta Education provides several resources that support the use of these examples.  The following websites are excellent sources of information when developing a continuum of supports and services: