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Frontier College providing literacy initiatives at Avondale School

October 24, 2018
The Grande Prairie Public School District is excited to share news of our partnership with Frontier College—a national literacy organization—at Avondale School.

The program led by Frontier College expanded to Grande Prairie last year and resulted in the implementation of an after-school tutoring program at Avondale School. This year, Frontier College and its volunteers are working at Avondale School with 18 students in grades 2 through 6 to support their reading during school hours.

In photo: Fern, a Frontier College volunteer reading with Riley, a grade 2 student at Avondale School

Participating students are from a First Nations, Métis or Inuit background. In this program, the students read for 30 minutes, twice per week, with trained volunteers provided by Frontier College.

"I am very pleased to be supporting the learners at the Avondale Public School. The program aims to improve student academic achievement through an individualized approach to learning. To achieve this, we meet with the students to find out about their strengths and work as a team to build upon what they already know. It is great to see students acquire improved reading skills and it is very inspiring to watch them grow not only in their academic skills but in all aspects of their life. The confidence gained from programs such as this is invaluable," said, Janine Kozlowski, Community Coordinator, Frontier College.

Joyce and Tanis - Grade 3.jpeg
In photo: Joyce, a Frontier College volunteer reading  during her 30 minutes reading session with Tanis, a grade 3 student at Avondale School

The program started in September of 2018 and will run until June of 2019. It operates during school hours and provides one-to-one learning support to each of the 18 Avondale students. Frontier College volunteers, classroom teachers, and administrators at Avondale School are excited about the partnership as it supports the students'learning styles and needs.

Kristina Black, Principal at the school, expressed her opinion by saying "[Our] partnership with Frontier College has provided a wonderful opportunity for several of our students who require support with reading to have one-on-one instruction and practice for 30 minutes twice a week. Janine Kozlowski, Community Coordinator, and her team work with students at a variety of reading levels to help them to close the gap and achieve excellence in reading."

Jen and Theo -grade 3.jpeg
In photo: Jen, a Frontier College volunteer reading with Theo, a grade 3 student at Avondale School

About Avondale School:
Avondale School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 School with a student population of 180 and a staff population of approximately 32. The school was open on Sept. 1, 1957, and it is located in central Grande Prairie.

Avondale School is committed to providing optimal learning experiences for all students in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment. The school's motto is "Learn and succeed together! The school's goal is to engage and motivate students to take ownership of their learning and to prepare them to become responsible citizens in today's society.

In addition to quality classroom instruction, Avondale students are supported by a variety of programs which include Reading Recovery, literacy intervention, social skills groups, counselling and student health partnerships.

Avondale students are also provided with opportunities to experience an active lifestyle and develop healthy personal relationships through our character education program, daily physical activity and a range of student-centred activities.

About Frontier College:
Frontier College is a national charitable literacy organization, established in 1899 on the belief that literacy is a right. We work collaboratively with community-based agencies across Canada to provide targeted, innovative literacy and numeracy support for the most vulnerable Canadians. In 2017, 32,000 children, youth, and adults participated in our free programs in more than 150 communities throughout the country. For more information about Frontier College visit  and follow Frontier College on twitter: @frontiercollege

About Reading Support Program at Frontier College:
Students meet with a Frontier College tutor twice per week for approximately 30 minutes per session. During this time, tutors will work to assess individual students' needs, build confidence and use targeted interventions to help students improve their overall literacy skills.

About the Grande Prairie Public School District (GPPSD):
The Grande Prairie Public School District is a learning community in the city of Grande Prairie responsible for the education of over 8,400 students (Preschool to grade 12) in 18 schools. The Grande Prairie Public School District is proud to provide a variety of Preschool, French Immersion, Montessori, Christian Education, sports-focused and International Baccalaureate programs serving to students and parents of the Grande Prairie community. GPPSD believes in creating a nurturing environment where "Every Student Succeeds." Visit us online at and follow GPPSD2357 on Facebook and Twitter.