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30 GPPSD Students participating in the 2018 Northwest Regional Skills Canada Competition

April 19, 2018

Update, Monday, April 23, 2018 -
Congratulations! 14 students from Charles Spencer High School & Grande Prairie Composite High School won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the annual Skills Canada Alberta competition that was held at the Grande Prairie Regional College GPRC in Fairview.
In total, both #GPPSD high schools have accumulated 2 Gold medals, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze. All 14 winners will advance to compete at the Provincials. See below the full list of medal winners below.

Charles Spencer High School:
  • Jonah Grier, Grd 12 won Gold in Baking
  • Tierra Atkinson, Grd 11 won Gold in Culinary Arts
  • Anjelica Colasuonno, Grd 10 Qualified in Photography
  • Anton Sware, Grd 10 won Bronze in Cabinetry
  • Alyssa Ward, Grd 10 won Bronze in AutoService

Grande Prairie Composite High school:
  • Macaela Cobick, Grd 12 won Silver in Automotive Technology
  • Kaitlyn Thomson, Grd 11 won Silver in Baking
  • Kyrell Crawford, Grd 12 won Silver in Carpentry
  • Kessa Millier, Grd 10 won Silver in Culinary Arts
  • Cody Brodie, Grd 11 won Silver in Graphic Design
  • Shelby Lalonde, Grd 12 won Bronze in Video Production
  • Scott Nelson, Grd 12 won Bronze in Video Production
  • Rozelyn Brule, Grd 11 won Silver in Work Place Safety
  • Harmony Moore, Grd 11 won Bronze in Work Place Safety 

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 
We are proud to announce that 30 of our students are participating in the 2018 Northwest Regional Skills Canada Competition (RSCC) at the GPRC Fairview Campus.

Registrations began today at 1:00 p.m. and competitions begin tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and run until 8:00 p.m.

The event is open to students competing in the areas of Auto Servicing, Baking, Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Fashion Technology, Graphic Design, Junior and Intermediate Hairstyling, Information Technology (IT) and Network Support, Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment, Photography, Robotics, TV/Video Production, Welding, and Workplace Safety.

About Skills Canada (SCA):

Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) was established in 1992 and it is a not-for-profit provincial association, which serves as a critical link between employers, educators, labour groups and the government to reposition trade and technical careers as a first choice career option for youth in Alberta.

SCA's goals are:

  • To improve the public perception of the importance of trade and technology-based careers.
  • To promote the career path opportunities within trades and technologies.
  • To enhance the quality of technological education.
  • To develop and maintain strong links between business, education, government and labour.
  • To encourage students to recognize the value of completing secondary and post-secondary education for personal development and future employability.

We wish all of our students attending the competition good luck!

Charles Spencer High School

  1. Blake MacLeod, Grade 11, Auto Service
  2. Alyssa Ward, Grade 10, Auto Service
  3. Jonah Grier, Grade 12, Baking
  4. Anton Sware, Grade 10, Cabinet Making
  5. Evan Lanctot, Grade 12, Carpentry
  6. Tierra Atkinson, Grade 11, Culinary Arts
  7. Nataya Robertson, Grade 12, Culinary Arts
  8. Anjelica Colasuonno, Grade 10, Photography
  9. Wesley Sande, Grade 11, Robotics
  10. Jozhua Zhang, Grade 11, Robotics
  11. Ashton Webster, Grade 11, Welding
  12. Brennen Nicholls, Grade 10, Workplace Safety

Grande Prairie Composite High School

  1. Noel Anema, Grade 11, Photography
  2. Cody Brodie, Grade 11, Graphic Design
  3. Rozelyn Brule, Grade 11, Work Place Safety
  4. Macaela Cobick, Grade 12, Automobile Technology 
  5. Kyrell Crawford ,Grade 12, Carpentry
  6. Sophie Headon, Grade 11, Outdoor Power craft
  7. Shayla Lafferty, Grade 12, Hair Styling Intermediate
  8. Shelby Lalonde, Grade 12, Video Production
  9. Damien Lefebvre, Grade 11, Carpentry
  10. Anson Mah, Grade 11, Automobile Technology
  11. Kessa Millier, Grade 10, Culinary Arts
  12. Harmony Moore Grade 11, Work Place Safety
  13. Scott Nelson, Grade 12, Video Production
  14. Ember Paulovich, Grade 12, Outdoor Power craft
  15. Dakota Purcell, Grade 11, Welding
  16. Kali Rycroft, Grade 12, Welding
  17. Machenzie Schulze, Grade 11, Junior Hair Styling
  18. Kaitlyn Thomson, Grade 11, Baking
See the full schedule of events: