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Grande Prairie Public School Division
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Educational Plans

Grande Prairie Public School Division's
Three Year Education Plan & Annual Education Results Report (AERR)

"Alberta has developed an innovative way of measuring school authority performance to ensure we continue to provide the best possible education opportunities for all of our students.

Our renewed funding framework is made up of three areas of focus: equitable funding, flexibility, and the Accountability Pillar. School authorities receive equitable funding and have maximum flexibility in allocating funds to meet the learning needs of their students. In return, school authorities are accountable for use of resources and results achieved.

The Accountability Pillar provides school authorities with a wide range of data that paints a picture of how they are performing. The framework focuses on more than student achievement, resulting in a more holistic approach to accountability. Other aspects that impact student learning - such as safe and caring environments, parent involvement, and satisfaction with the education experience - are measured. This provides a more complete perspective of the jurisdiction's overall learning environment based on the input of students, parents and teachers.

This combined data provides a picture of school authority and individual school performance, including areas of success and potential challenges that may lie ahead. School authorities and schools analyze the detailed data that underlies the Accountability Pillar evaluations and the many variables that may affect results, allowing them to focus more effectively on improving student learning and achievement.

School authorities also report their Accountability Pillar results to their communities, ensuring that the entire education system is more open and accountable to all Albertans."

(Alberta Education)

To ensure we are providing quality educational services to our stakeholders, GPPSD prepares a series of documents for our parents and school community. These include:

  • 3YEP - Three Year Educational Plan (updated on an annual basis)
  • Annual Results Review Report (AERR) based upon the government's accountability pillar mentioned above.
  • Summary sheet of the AERR

These provide a snapshot of how we are adapting our focus to serve the educational needs of our students to ensure that Grande Prairie Public School Division is a learning community in which every student succeeds.

2019 GPPSD Combined 3 Year Education Plan and AERR.pdf
1/8/2020 11:01 AMSandy Fredland
2019 GPPSD Highlights Report to the Community APORI.pdf
12/5/2019 10:17 AMSandy Fredland
2018 GPPSD Highlights Report to the Community APORI.pdf
12/11/2018 11:39 AMSandy Fredland
2018 GPPSD Combined 3 Year Education Plan and AERR.pdf
12/5/2018 1:23 PMSandy Fredland
2017 GPPSD Highlights Report to the Community APORI.pdf
12/19/2017 10:33 AMSandy Fredland