Personal Belongings
The school, the School Board and its insurers take no responsibility for valuables lost, stolen or damaged while on school property.  To ensure the safety of personal belongings, students should not share their hall-locker or their gym-locker combinations with anyone else.  If students have a large sum of money on their person they should deposit it at the school office until the end of the day.  Teachers will not accept money or other valuables for safekeeping. 




Electronic devices may not be used during class time unless the individual teacher has given permission.  No ear bud electronic devices are to be used between classes in the hallways at any time as such use presents a safety issue. Due to the cost of these items and the risk of theft, students are encouraged not to bring them to school.  They may be confiscated and returned at a later time if they are being used during the school day without permission.



Cell Phones


Cell phones are not allowed to be used at school, unless an individual teacher has given permission to use the cell phone for a current assignment.  Pictures are only permitted when an individual teacher authorizes. We understand, for safety reasons, parents may want their child to carry a cell phone to and from school.  However, once at school, all cell phones are to be turned off and students are encouraged to place their phones in lockers for the day.  Students needing frequent reminders will have their phone confiscated and parents may be asked to retrieve it from an administrator.