Grande Prairie Public School District
The Grande Prairie Public School District has been providing education to families in the Grande Prairie area for over 100 years. After experiencing unprecedented growth in recent years, the district now boasts enrolment of around than 8,000 student
Our district is committed to the continuous improvement of student achievement and learning opportunities for every child in our schools.
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 District Schools


Alexander Forbes School

Aspen Grove School

Avondale School  

7240 Poplar Drive
9720-63rd Avenue
10226-108 Avenue
Principal: Terry Gorgichuk
Principal: Mike Humbke
Principal: Joanne Perrott


Bridge Network School

Charles Spencer High School

Crystal Park School

9625 Prairie Road
 #20 Knowledge Way
9351-116 Avenue
Principal: Kelly Pitman
 Principal: Michelle Blair
Principal: Charlene Ungstad

Derek Taylor Public School 

Ecole Parkside School

Grande Prairie

Christian School

7321-104A Street
9617-91 A Avenue
8202-110 Street
Principal: Nancy Gorgichuk
Principal: Paul Therrien   
Principal: Travis Fehler 
Grande Prairie
Composite High School 

Hillside Community School

I.V. Macklin Public School 

11202-104 Street
9410-106 Avenue
8876-108 Avenue
Principal: Dennis Vobeyda   
Principal: Cynthia Matthews 
Principal: Tracey Farn

 Maude Clifford Public School

 Ecole Montrose School

 Swanavon School

9206 Lakeland Drive
6431-98 Street
 8908-100 Street
Principal: Andy Farquharson 
Principal: Ken Dunfield
Principal: Corinne Kruse

 GPPSD School Brochures

Alexander Forbes Edge 2013-2014
Aspen Grove 2013-2014
Avondale 2013-2014
Bridge Network 2013-2014
Crystal Park 2013-2014
Derek Taylor Brochure 2013-2014
GP Christian Brochure 2013-2014
GP Comp - 2013-2014
GPPSD FACTS Brochure 2013-2014
Hillside 2013-2014
IV Macklin 2013-2014
Maude Clifford 2013-2014
Montrose 2013-2014
Parkside 2013-2014
Swanavon 2013-2014