Click here to apply for busing for the 2015/2016 School year
Starting April 1, 2015 you can click above to apply for busing for the 2015/2016 school year.

**Route updates for Composite High School, Ecole Montrose, and Crystal Park**
Please be advised that there have been changes to Composite HIgh School, Ecole Montrose, and Crystal Park bus routes​. These changes can be viewed by clicking on Bus Schedules to the left.

Bussing services for the Grande Prairie Public School District are provided by First Student Canada. 

To be eligible for a bus pass, a student must live within the Grande Prairie city limits and 2.4 km or more by the shortest route from the closest school within the attendance boundary. 

​​Exceptions are: 

1. Students attending Aspen Grove and Montrose having to cross Resources Road; students attending Derek Taylor having to cross 108 St; and students attending Avondale having to cross 116 Ave. 

2. Special needs students attending a designated school program. 

3. French Immersion students attending Ecole Parkside and Montrose. 

4. School of Choice students (Edge, Christian, Montessori, IB) will have busing for a fee of $32/month (full days) or $58/month (half days) to be paid for the entire school year in full at the school office prior to the student receiving their bus pass. ​​Preauthorized debit is also available. The first month's payment is paid up front at the school and a preauthorized debit form is filled out at the school. Payments will be withdrawn from your account and the first of every month. Parents are responsible for payment of the bus pass until the bus pass is handed back in to the Transportation Office. If your child is not riding the bus, please get their bus pass in as soon as possible so more charges are not incurred.

5. Bridge students living 2.4 km or more away from Lions Learning have to be taking a minimum 50% course load.​

Bus passes for eligible students in Grades 1-12 to be picked up at the School Office.


Bus Pass Information

To receive a bus pass students must fill out a bus pass application at the school or using the link for below to apply online.

The processing of the bus pass application may take up to 5 working days except at the start of school. If you have applied after the June 30 application deadline your application will be processed in the order that it is received. The parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of the student until they receive their bus pass from the school. Temporary bus passes may be available at the school office.

If a bus pass is lost or damaged they student has to fill out an application for a replacement bus pass at the school office or using the link below to apply online. The cost to replace the bus pass is $5.00. This fee is to be paid at the school office prior to the student receiving their new pass.

For information about bus pass eligibility, contact GPPSD Transportation Coordinator Connie Hartel at (780) 539-7419.​​​​​​​​​​​


My First Pass

Last year, the Grande Prairie Public School District introduced the Zonar scanning system to our buses. The new scanning system has increased the safety of the students riding our school buses. It allows the Grande Prairie Public School District, First Student and parents the ability to see when and where their students are getting on and off of the school bus.

There is a phone app called my MyFirstPass. MyFirstPass offers parents a new level of assurance by sending cell phone text messages or push notifications when their child boards or exits a school bus. It lets you know when and where your child entered and exited the bus, providing peace of mind.

MyFirstPass was offered to parents free of charge last year because the app was only available part-way through the school year. This year, there will be a $50/year fee charged per family. This fee is paid online during registration at

The MyFirstPass program and phone app are offered by First Student. If you have difficulties with the online registration or phone app, please contact First Student by email at:






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